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Rally Together

Rally Together Campaign

While a lot of progress has been made for women and girls in sport, bias still exists, making it difficult for female players and coaches to succeed. Simply acknowledging that this bias exists isn't enough. We need to Rally Together and take action to create an inclusive environment where females can thrive. Will you take the Rally Together pledge and champion women and girls in squash?

I will...

  • Call out sexism including 'harmless banter' in ALL environments where I coach or play
  • Pledge to share the success stories of women and girls far and wide
  • Educate myself on the issues women and girls face and learn that different groups have different needs
  • Invite females to coach alongside me and put them forward for opportunities
  • Address who I'm following and engaging with on social media so that I hear more female voices

The pledgers

View the 300+ people and organisations who have already signed the pledge - join them now.

See the pledgers

  • Mark Williams on behalf of England Squash
  • Zena Wooldridge on behalf of the World Squash Federation
  • Alex Gough on behalf of the Professional Squash Association (PSA)
  • James Willstrop
  • Sarah-Jane Perry
  • Laura Massaro
  • Nick Matthew
  • Declan James
  • Alison Waters
  • Gina Kennedy
  • Grace Gear
  • Jasmine Hutton
  • Lucy Turmel
  • Yawar Abbas
  • Andy Light
  • Ben
  • Yulu
  • Hugh Mannerings
  • Phillip Hall
  • Anjali Malde
  • Jose Carnero
  • Alison Hewitt
  • Jules Silvera
  • Juan Bas
  • Thomas Ashley
  • Tayla Mounter
  • Lauren Selby
  • David Sledge
  • Adam Fuller
  • Kristian Day
  • Taba Taghavi
  • Richard Stanley
  • Andy Borg
  • Craig Stephens
  • Alison Insley
  • Tina Kershaw
  • Paul Walters on behalf of UNSQUASHABLE
  • Nick Jenkins
  • Kirsty Mcphee
  • Mark Holmes
  • Susan Turpin
  • Kate Bedwell
  • Lexi Panteli
  • Steve Cubbins
  • Jonathan Butson
  • Alan Thatcher
  • Scott Wiltshire
  • Josh Taylor
  • Alona
  • Shawn
  • Charles Hickson
  • Megan Beale
  • Sandy Hilderley
  • Dave Baldwin
  • Paul Mo
  • John L
  • Mohammed Aslam
  • Lauren Siddall
  • Nick Elliott
  • Mike Campbell
  • Hannah Hodgson
  • Alex Grogan
  • Adam Hope
  • Nidge Jubbs
  • Christopher Shoop-Worrall
  • Peter Marsden
  • Mia Leahey
  • William Joseph Mulholland
  • Andrew Statham
  • Jason Pike
  • Anna Kimberley
  • Paul Roberts
  • Nick Donald
  • Sally Archibald
  • Dan Kayley
  • Gareth May
  • Ginny Lee
  • Isaac Vaughan
  • Vickie Prow
  • Steven Cadwell
  • Hernan Orfila
  • James Roberts
  • Kevin Forster
  • Jamie Foyster
  • Julie
  • Olivia Gow
  • Jethro Binns
  • Rob Owen
  • Julian Moore
  • UEA Squash
  • Sam Mueller
  • Wayne Barnard
  • Daisy Newton
  • Edward Barnes
  • Steve Hempstock
  • Yamam Eljibary
  • Beth Parker
  • Annette Pilling @ UOM Squash
  • Lizzie Wall
  • Trevor Sturrock
  • Oscar Lloyd Laney
  • Paul Barrett
  • Neil Edgar
  • Hector Scott Lyon
  • Ming Evans
  • Prez Wilson-Thomas
  • Sean Reuthe
  • Brett De Angelis
  • Mark Jeffreys
  • Michael Hill
  • Annika Engstrom
  • William Johnson
  • Wendy Newlove
  • Simon Palferman
  • Yawar Islam
  • Alex Betts
  • Sarah Trevelyan
  • Belinda Kembery
  • Amy Pattison
  • Chris Sargent
  • Lauren Casling
  • Jonny Jones
  • Craig Wapnick
  • Sandie Doran
  • Caroline White-Robinson
  • Ben Hutton
  • Ben Hutton
  • Heath Donnelly
  • Nick Murrills
  • Aron Harper-Robinson
  • Sarah Parkins
  • Walthamstow Sports Club
  • Robert McKill
  • Ian Bullough
  • Noel
  • Chris Robertson
  • Daniel O'Sullivan
  • Thomas Andrews
  • David Evans
  • Chris Browning
  • Nigel Medworth
  • Clive Lucas
  • Ryan Jagessar
  • Berkhamsted Tennis & Squash Club
  • Chloe Ann
  • Lucas Van Zijl
  • Nev Buckle
  • John Shaw
  • David Phillips
  • Martyn Hawkins
  • Annie Openshaw-Blower
  • Robert Fraser
  • Howard Harding
  • Lawrence Jones
  • Olly Bickley
  • Mark Maskell
  • Anthony Bissett
  • Manchester Squash Academy
  • Michelle Williams
  • Kate Edwards
  • Ellie
  • Peter Withington
  • Adam Grilli
  • Steve Jones
  • Chris Bird-Butler
  • Thomas Fairhurst
  • Richard Vitty
  • Mark Page
  • Evi Kohl
  • Tracy Parker
  • Connor
  • Andrew Gillespie
  • Rebecca Hughes
  • Luke Power
  • Kate Ogram
  • Ben Ford
  • Paul H Easton
  • Martin Shippey
  • Jo Wallis
  • Mark Tasker
  • Howell Jones
  • Paul Backhouse
  • Timothy Osborne
  • Gordon Peden
  • Lois Stahler
  • Paul Makinen
  • Kirsten Todd
  • Malc
  • Husniye
  • Heidi Leseur
  • Joy Carter
  • Chris Ogden
  • Steve Hough
  • Elizabeth Godfrey
  • Brett Taylor
  • Howard Jones
  • Mark
  • Tim Orange
  • Barrie Mclelland
  • Andrew Tennant
  • Dianne Sayer
  • Carl Griffiths
  • Thomas Longrigg
  • Steven
  • Mick Todd
  • Kelly Harris
  • David Campion
  • Peter Billson
  • Tania Bailey
  • UoN Squash
  • Megan Thomas
  • Chloe Marshall
  • Chris Tasker
  • Alexander Edge
  • Tim Vail
  • Joshua Taylor
  • Alexandra James
  • Donna Helmer
  • Roshni Patel
  • Anna Vaughan-Hawkins
  • Mark Williams
  • Julian Tomlinson
  • Mike Edwards
  • Michael Harris
  • Michael Bottomley

Sign the pledge now.

Why Rallying Together is important

To break the bias, we need to address our thoughts and behaviours around women and girls in squash. Here's why you should take action:

  • While sexist jokes might seem like a bit of harmless banter, sexism and misogyny underpins violence against women.
  • If they can see it, they can be it. Sharing the successes of women and girls will give them more inspirations they can relate to.
  • Female coaches face higher competency standards and lower rewards than male coaches.
  • If you don't follow or engage with women in sport, how can you begin to understand the barriers they face?

Top 5 tips on how your club can Rally Together

1. Educate yourself on how your club/venue can become more inclusive for women and girls - whether through webinars, blogs or whitepapers. Find links to webinars and podcasts in the handy resources section below.

2. Speak to your female membership to find out how your club/venue can enhance its culture, environment and activities.

3. Post stories and photos featuring women and girls, and share more female voices on your club/venue's social media.

4. Encourage club members to invite female friends or relatives along to play, and provide them with events and sessions info.

5. Have women in decision-making roles at the club/venue. A more diverse committee will help you see different perspectives and engage more women and girls.

Handy resources

If you'd like to educate yourself on the issues women and girls face in sport, here are some useful resources to get you started:

  • A series of evidence-based infographics designed to help tackle gender imbalance within high performance coaching
  • Follow The Well HQ on Instagram to learn how factors such as periods, sports bras, and disordered eating can impact a female athlete's performance.
  • Understand how women’s perceptions of menopause can influence how they engage with physical activity with Women In Sport.
  • The Women in Sport Podcast on Spotify releases monthly episodes bringing together insight, advise and expertise from across the sector to discuss the issues and topics affecting women and girls in the UK.

I've taken the Rally Together pledge. What's next?

  • Post a photo of you on social media holding the pledge card from our downloads below using #RallyTogether. No access to a printer? Post the Rally Together graphic in our downloads below using #Rally Together.
  • Nominate two people in your post to sign the Rally Together pledge.


Post your Rally Together pledge with this suggested caption:

I've signed the Rally Together pledge to help champion women and girls in squash! I nominate xx and xx to join me. Sign the pledge at #RallyTogether #SquashGirlsCan SHARE

Share your story

You can anonymously share your experiences with us here to help shape our Rally Together campaign. We want everybody to understand the reality of being a female in the squash community and ask themselves if they do enough to champion women and girls in squash.