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Rally Together

Our Rally Together campaign is all about championing women and girls in squash. By rallying together, we can create an inclusive environment where females can thrive. If potential members come across your website or social media channels and see that you regularly celebrate the success of women and girls in your club, they're much more likely to come along and give squash a go.

"If you can see it, you can be it"

But gaining more female members isn't just about sharing stories of women and girls at your club. It's about fostering an environment on and off court where they feel safe and included. That's why we made the following pledge to help you get started:

I will...

  • Call out sexism including 'harmless banter' in ALL environments where I coach or play
  • Pledge to share the success stories of women and girls far and wide
  • Educate myself on the issues women and girls face and learn that different groups have different needs
  • Invite females to coach alongside me and put them forward for opportunities
  • Address who I'm following and engaging with on social media so that I hear more female voices
Some inspiration

To give you an idea of what Rally Together looks like on social media, here's a few great examples we've seen from other clubs across England. Click each thumbnail to be taken to the post.