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Sanctioned Competitions

Our sanctioned competitions cater to all levels of ability, offering a fun, enjoyable and competitive experience for junior players. We sanction up to 100 competitions per season which are run on our behalf by qualified tournament organisers, catering for boys and girls at Under 9, 11, 13, 15, 17 and 19 age groups.

Results from these events count towards your England Squash ranking. Click here to find out more about junior rankings, and how to be included.

Click here to see when and where all junior sanctioned competitions are taking place.

Latest News

England Squash has announced two new partnerships with Sport Manager and SquashLevels ahead of the 2022-23 squash season.

Following a robust evaluation of numerous competition software systems and a successful trial of software provider Sport Manager at the British Junior Open in July, England Squash will partner with Sport Manager to deliver all sanctioned competitions. Sport Manager will meet the needs of players, parents, venues and tournament organisers with event registration and tournament, and league administration providing an end-to-end experience.

Click here to see the latest list of sanctioned competitions.

England Squash has also partnered with SquashLevels to manage England Squash junior rankings, as well as the England Squash senior rankings - brand new for this season. The new England Squash SquashLevels rankings is comprehensive and will list all English players at any playing level whilst focusing on the top 100 players nationally which can be filtered by age and gender.

Click here to see the latest junior rankings.

Ranking Points

The England Squash National Rankings are powered by SquashLevels and include all the players who have their country set to England and who have results recorded on SquashLevels in the six months prior to the ranking period selected.

This includes all the England Squash sanctioned events, many tournaments across the country, county leagues and many club boxes.

The rankings shown are each player’s SquashLevels level at the start of the selected month with additional damping from averaging their level over their last four results.

A full explanation of how SquashLevels calculates levels is available on their FAQ page.

Levels of Competition

We offer a full range of competitions suitable for all ability levels. Whether you are new to competitive squash or an experienced player, we can help you find the right competition level to support the development of your squash skills.

Check out our competition levels below before entering a competition.


The 2021-22 season will see the introduction of a new rankings level known as 'Diamond'. The level will sit above Gold ranking points but below Platinum level points. The Diamond level will be assigned to our two National competitions, the English Junior Championships and the British Junior Championships.

Who's it for? Our National competitions are open to all competitors providing our scheduling allows. These are a celebration of squash!


There are 2 gold competitions this year and these are spread across the country throughout the season.

Who it's for: the best juniors in England

Use our competition search tool to find a gold competition!


There are eight silver competitions this year and these are spread across the country throughout the season.

Who it's for: open to all, but designed primarily for the higher ranked juniors.

Use our competition search tool to find a silver competition!


Challenger competitions are local 'open' tournaments that attract both local players and nationally ranked juniors. Games will be played as best of five.

Who it's for: aimed at local juniors who play at club or county level.

Use our competition search tool to find a challenger competition!


Satellite competitions are the perfect way for players to start their competitive squash journey. These entry-level competitions are fun, engaging and allow new players to the sport, the opportunity to develop their skills.

Who's it for: aimed at locally based juniors who are new to the sanctioned competition circuit.

Use our competition search tool to find a satellite competition!

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