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National Junior Rankings

Find out where you stack up against your friends in your age group, in your county and across the country!

  • Please view our updated Rankings Policy to understand the latest changes.
  • Ranking lists are produced for Mixed Under 9 and Boys & Girls Under 11, 13, 15, 17 and 19 categories.
  • The rankings are calculated from results on a rolling 12-month period.

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Rankings update | 22 December

Launch of Points Based Tournament Rankings for Junior Players

Following our recent communication on developing a new points-based ranking system for all England Squash sanctioned junior competitions, we’re pleased to let you know the first phase of the rollout is now live.

For this initial phase, and in order to publish as quickly as possible, these provisional rankings lists have been manually created. Rest assured, we are developing a long-term automated solution due to be launched early next year.

Please note: as points have been entered manually,we expect there may be some anomalies, so please do check your ranking. Should you spot a discrepancy, please let us know by following the ranking enquiry process below

What you need to know

  • These provisional rankings are based on sanctioned competitions from 6 December 2021 to 5 December 2022 and include all relevant sanctioned competitions from both Club Locker and Sport Manager.
  • Whilst the lists are manually created, we have cross-checked the data to ensure accurate results.

Rankings Criteria

  • Players will appear in the Rankings if they previously opted in to the previous Club Locker rankings.
  • Rankings are based on finishing position in England Squash sanctioned competitions from from 6 December 2021 to 5 December 2022.
  • Players are ranked based on their best 7 results except for Under 19s (best 6 results).
  • Players who play up a division will earn 100% of the points in the division they have played up in - no points are allocated to the player's usual division.
  • Players who play up more than one division will not earn any points.
  • Players who age up a division carry forward 50% of their points.
  • Changes have been made to the points awarded for each finishing position and the updated points tables have now been published.

Please note, the next batch of rankings will be manually entered which we hope to release by mid-January, after we have reviewed the latest results data and any enquiries we receive. We expect to have the full, automated points-based rankings ready for release in early 2023 and will continue to update you about progress with this.

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Ranking Enquires

Please be aware that we will only accept and amend ranking enquiries which are submitted via the online rankings query form below.

Submission of enquiries made within 48 hours of the rankings update will be dealt with as soon as possible. Please note that errors submitted outside of the 48 hour window may experience a delay in being corrected in the ranking list.

Before submitting your enquiry please take the time to review our updated Rankings Policy and our Sanctioned Event Rules & Regulations 2022/23 as several policies have been amended since the last update.

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Seeding Requests

Satellite and Challenger Competitions

  • For Satellite and Challenger competitions, England Squash will seed appropriately from the Junior National Ranking system.
  • All seeding related questions must be directed towards the tournament organiser. We will not accept submission of any Satellite and Challenger seeding requests. If there is an error with you ranking please report it via the rankings queries form.
Silver, Gold and Diamond Events:
  • For Silver, Gold and Diamond events a seeding panel will manually seed each age event.*
  • The seeding panel will be chaired by Tim Vail, supported by other nominated coaches of suitable expertise and knowledge. Nominated coaches may change from event to event, whilst Tim Vail will remain a constant on the panel.
  • When draws are created the 1 & 2 seeded players are placed at the top and bottom of the draw, the rest of the draw placed as follows:
    • 3-4 seeds are drawn and placed randomly
    • 5-8 seeds are drawn and placed randomly
    • 9-12 seeds are drawn and placed randomly
    • 13-16 seeds are drawn and placed randomly
    • 17-24 seeds are drawn and placed randomly
    • 25-32 seeds are drawn and placed randomly

*Due to ongoing changes in the junior ranking system the seeding panel will be responsible for seeding entire draws until the junior ranking system is fully operational.

Latest News

England Squash teams up with SquashLevels

England Squash has partnered with SquashLevels to manage England Squash junior rankings, as well as the England Squash senior rankings - brand new for this season. The new England Squash SquashLevels rankings is comprehensive and will list all English players at any playing level whilst focusing on the top 100 players nationally which can be filtered by age and gender.

The previous Club Locker rankings were tournament based where a player would accumulate points based on their final position in each sanctioned event and the number of tournaments entered. Tournaments were weighted so you would get more points for the higher ranked events and the overall rankings would be based on your best four tournaments over the previous 12 months.

Levels is a simpler concept as it just measures your current playing level based on your results and the level of your opponents. If you play better than expected you will go up, if worse then expected you go down. It's a version of the Matrix system but is much more accurate as it takes points and behavioural modeling into account.

Get added to the rankings

Can't find your name? With our new exciting partnership with SquashLevels as long as you have played at least one England Squash sanctioned competition in the last twelve months you should automatically in the rankings. If you feel you are not please report it via the rankings queries form.

How the rankings system works

In order to appear in the junior rankings, you must have been within the age group at the time (note, for instance, that U15s will be included in the U17s and U19s rankings) and have played at least one sanctioned event in the previous 12 months.

Historic junior rankings go back to November 2017.

Find out more about how junior rankings work here.